2013 Carolinian Canada Ecosystem Recovery Forum: Monitoring Ecological Change in the Carolinian Life Zone

Nov 05 | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm | Royal Botanical Gardens Centre, 680 Plains Road West


Carolinian Canada and Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) are partnering to bring you the 2013 Carolinian Canada Ecosystem Recovery Forum, with the theme of monitoring ecological change across the Carolinian life zone. The Forum will explore the rapid advances in remote sensing tools, the flowering of citizen science initiatives, the monitoring of rare species populations and habitats, and many other related topics, with inspiring keynote speakers and informative concurrent sessions.

We will ask where do all the data go, and how are they best used to rebuild healthy ecosystems? Are we seeing recovery or are things getting worse? Who is monitoring what? Are we monitoring the right things? How does it all fit together? And how can we help each other? The Forum will explore the tools and methods to help our understanding of ecological change in Canada’s most biologically diverse and threatened region. Participants will be inspired by new ideas and state of the art techniques, and have a chance to share and learn from the conservation successes and challenges of experts and peers.

The Forum will be followed by a public event on the evening of November 5th with forum keynote speaker John Riley (Senior Science Advisor, the Nature Conservancy of Canada) who will present on his new book, "The Once and Future Great Lakes Country: An Ecological History" in the RBG auditorium. To register for the Forum go the Carolinian Canada website, to register for the evening speaker event visit the RBG registration webpage. Plan to join us for this great event.

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