Vision, Mission and Objectives

You can find the vision, mission and objectives for the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark system in their entirety in the Conservation and Land Managment Strategy (Phase II report).

Our vISION for the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System is that it will be known internationally as a protected, permanent and connected natural lands sanctuary from the Harbour to the Escarpment that promotes ecosystem and human health within Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Our MISSION will be to collaboratively continue preserving and enhancing the natural lands using a sustainable approach that balances natural ecosystem health with responsible human appreciation and activities to achieve the vision.


Natural Heritage Objective: To protect, restore and enhance the ecological system by ensuring the health and diversity of species, habitats and natural processes forever. This includes consideration of linkages through urban areas and natural lands beyond the boundaries of the Park System.

Recreation Objective: To provide opportunities for appropriate passive recreation that support active living while maintaining the biological and physical integrity of the lands.

Cultural Heritage Objective: To identify, protect and preserve cultural heritage features for their valuable reflection of the historical use and occupancy of the area.

Interpretation Objective: To provide educational opportunities that promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural values, environmental sensitivity and significance, and the associated conservation needs.

Management Objective: To manage the public lands through partner collaboration to ensure all Cootes to Escarpment Park System objectives are achieved. The owners of the park lands will promote responsible stewardship of the lands and of adjacent private lands through ongoing community involvement in park planning and management. 

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Vision, Mission and Objectives

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